Saturday, 8 March 2008

Framing past work

Have spent the last two months matting and framing. These are some monoprints dug out from the attic. I just love the mad freedom of working quickly on glass, using oil based printing ink and white spirit.

Have discovered a local source of 'seconds' handmade paper with rose petals etc incorporated. Would be interested in any one has experience of using this somewhat thicker paper with watercolour pigments and baren printing. Am keen to practice, but must get the last of the framing finished.

There are local exhibitions coming up to work in tandem with the Dorset Art Weeks, so I plan to try my hand at entering some of the work, if only to see if they pass the jury selection!

Sorry, this monoprint has come out sideways, the family are coming back soon for a meal so no time to sort.

I love reading the barenforum blogs, you are all such an inspiration.