Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Winter fun

Although the blog has been quiet, I am still busy in the studio. The Buddha in the tree is an image of a real tree in Thailand, which I first saw some 35 years ago. I have created this print for the Barenforum exchange which had self portrait combined with tree as the topic. I intend that this is a portrait of the inner self demonstrating the ability to root wherever I find myself, making the best of what is available, and the development of the Buddha within.

The second print, called Winter Offering, the Barenform members will recognise as having been heavily inspired by Annie Bissett's wonderful Stars print. It was done to assist the local Museum http://www.dorsetcountymuseum.org/ to raise funds by selling cards. The object is to purchase a stunning hoard of over 400 bronze age axes found at Langton Matravers (in Dorset UK). They were buried brand new at the time and may possibly have been the gift to the gods. I have given them a December sky as it seemed to me to be logical that it might be the winter equinox, that people would plead with the sun to come back.

There has been discussion on the barenforum about protecting hands from seizing up using carving tools, so I am showing the hand protection I use, bought in a sports store and designed I assume, for tennis players. I have also strapped my hangi-to with tennis raquet strapping to make it easier to grasp.