Sunday, 27 July 2008

Back to the studio

At last have got back to studio work. After the Open Studio two weeks, we went on a cruise with Voyages of Discovery to the various Baltic stops. It is an educational trip with lectures as well as visits, and I can recommend the trip. We were lucky with weather etc. Saw some really good art, and overloaded on gold rococco.

Have also ben to Hastings to see the Japanese Print exhibition. We had to stay over in the area longer than planned as they went on strike for 2 days (along with the rest of UK local government). It made us look at Rye and other interesting places in the area. They have run out of the catalogue, but reprinting is promised. Worth a visit if anywhere in the area and goes on until 5 October.

Thought I would have a go at Microprints to see how I went, with the view of entering some in a UK Microprint exhibition if any turn out well. This is the first which I tried using lino with watercolours and paste. It is the London Eye at night with fireworks taken from across the river on the Embankment, with the Victorian street light. Not sure how successful it is, but at least I am back working again. I freehanded the colours, and should probably carved the locations more accurately as the street light in some is white and some is yellow! The image is 8cms square.
Next week am in Cornwall being Granny for a week, but am still very much reading the forum posts and following your blogs. As always I have more pictures in my head than I get down into reality.