Thursday, 23 October 2008

Brewing ideas

The Barenforum group have set the topic for a print exchange to combine Portrait with Tree as a theme. Ideas abound, and I stand contemplating the strangest trees. The emerging theme for me is to create an image of the inner me rather than an external portrait of what someone looks like to the outside world. As always I have a beautiful image in my head, and have done some drawings, and a series of thumbnail sketches for colour separations. THIS is my very favorite part of the process, before the picture in my head has to compare with a rather less than good image on paper! I have stocked up on paper and blocks. I still have not identified a suitable source of cherry yet. I went over to Martock in Somerset, They have American Cherry but a great deal of work would have to go on their planks. I may have a go at their bowl blanks one day for a circular piece. If any of the UK based bareners have a solution I would be grateful.

The family with grandchildren are coming down for half term, so actual work has stopped while I blitz the house and make up beds. But colour choices and image problem solving are still going on in my head.