Wednesday, 11 February 2009

London British Museum

Have just spent three days in London, catching up on art shows and museums. However well we plan, the highlights were accidental discoveries. There is a lesson there somewhere!

Trying to find a small exhibition on tribal people of the Himalayas, we were directed on a detour through the Japan Gallery. This proved to include an exhibition of Japanese prints selected by the artist Julian Opie.

The show has had no publicity that I found, but here are some of my favourites

Julian Opie also contributed one of his own work, which was inspired by the collection. This was a computer generated illuminated panel on which the branches moved up and down as if in a breeze, and there was a sparkle on the water. The still shot below loses the effect.

The other lucky happening was walking past the theatre with Mama Mia playing, and getting a last minute ticket. A full house and what great atmosphere. A real feel-good pick up on a cold winter evening.

Lastly I will let the snowman in the garden say goodbye.