Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Going through my finished work looking for pictures to display at the local Art Club show, I wondered about this question of personal style. We are told to find one but can we see if it is there, and does it matter?
First print is in Bristol 'The North - Slowly Waking from Deep Sleep' Chinese artist Yu Chengyou. woodblock print using oil based inks 66.7 x 80.1 cm
The second is one of mine going on show locally.

Anyone near Bristol (UK) should see the Royal West of England International Print Exhibition, it is great and no queues, unlike the Banksy show just down the hill!


Daniel L. Dew said...

I have always hated the concept of a "style" being attributed to an artist. I try very hard to be creative and distinctive and different in my prints, but my wife says my style still comes through, attention to detail, curved vs. straight lines, etc... I don't see it, but apparently others do. Go figure. I like your prints, they have a freedom of movement that is compelling.

JennifersCabin said...

Thank you. It is hard to balance the introspective studio work with what is going on 'out there'. I suppose we can never see ourselves from the outside looking in, but I do sometimes try!