Saturday, 13 March 2010

Stockton, NSW Pelicans

Finally this is the result of hard labour. I used a machine made Hosho paper in the end. It has really not turned out as I wanted as I seemed to have slipped backwards in the technique, perhaps I am getting over ambitious. Next time I will go for something smaller!

The image is of Pelicans who have come to roost in the early evening. The lights are solar powered, and the place is at the entrance to Newcastle harbour, about a 100 miles north of Sydney.


Annie B said...

These blocks look huge in the previous post. What size is the print?

Ellen Shipley said...

I love the composition.

JennifersCabin said...

Size of print area is 22.5 inches (58cm) by 21.5 inches (55cm) Tho I tried framing one and cut the mount square at the smaller size. If I revisit this I will give it an outline I think, but thank you for the encouragement.