Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Have been having a lot of difficulty with the latest print. Imagined as a Dorset Beauty in the tradition of the Japanese beauty series, the print has fallen sadly short of my aspirations. Here are the blocks and 2 of many attempts using different paper. One effort used the lino 'background' block in blue and the other not using that block. I ended up adding hand touching to add more to the girls' features and to the range of colours in the sweets.
This has all taken far too long with not very satisfactory results. I have decided to walk away from it for a while, go into another project and maybe come back to it.

Wellworths is a shop which grew out out the ashes of the closed Woolworths in our town. Managed by a brave lass who has worked her way up in the original store from a Saturday girl. A shining beacon of get up and go in these difficult times.


Kris Wiltse said...


I know that feeling when a piece "falls short" of our expectations. I do really like this piece. I like your use of an old technique for a contemporary image. Those bins are beautiful. She is too.
Your other images are lovely too. I enjoy the graphic qualities, the kinds of shapes you create. The looseness too. They are fresh and light. Thank you for posting! I enjoy your work.


MaRegina said...

I loved the mix of colours and embossing :)


Annie B said...

Alas, I know the feeling too. This is a very challenging image you've attempted - lots of details, and a human figure is very tough to interpret in woodblock. I like the woman's posture -- it communicates a strong attitude. The version on the left has a lot going for it. Good idea to put it aside and come back to it after things have settled down a little.

JennifersCabin said...

Thank you for the much needed ego boost. I am grateful for the positive feedback... I shall persevere! J