Thursday, 28 January 2010

Power carver

I have a new toy. I wanted to use these large ply boards which have been sitting around the studio for far too long. However, the sheer size was daunting, so Tara! enter the power carver into my life. I love it, and can use it with either hand, which is a bonus.
If any reader can give any hints and tips I would be grateful especially about sharpening. At the moment I am stropping on my leather barber's strop, each time I change the blade, but I don't think it will enough in the long run. I have Japanese water stones, and the Tormek water cooled sharpening system available to use.
Am working on an image of the Pelicans sitting sentinal along the Stockton Breakwall looking over to Newcastle NSW Australia. We visited my brother who lives that way. Will post when more is done.


Val said...

To my shame, Jennifer, I have only just caught up with you! Having fun roaming around the blog and the website.

I really enjoy owning and seeing The Walking Buddha every day. Never tire of it.

aine scannell said...


I am very interested in this new tool of yours. What is it called? I mean its general description.

Seems like a good thing to have esp if your hands begin to ache after carving a while - I think something like this might be quite useful to me.